Un fondo di Venture Capital per aiutare i bambini (Innogest Daily)


Un fondo di Venture Capital per aiutare i bambini (Innogest Daily)

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Sesame Street is getting into Venture Capital. This isn’t a Joke
Sesame Ventures will invest in startups focused on children’s education, development, health, and nutrition (Wired)


Japanese Company to Build the World’s First Autonomous Farm
We had a hunch that the future of farming was going to be all about robots, and naturally, Japan is taking the lead (Gizmodo)


8 Outrageous future tech ideas we wish would happen at fashion week
Fashion and technology are increasing bedfellows, but at no time of year do we see experimentation between these two worlds integrate more than during fashion week season (Forbes)


Digital Health Sees More Deals Than Biotech In 2015, But Biotech Takes More Dollars
Despite a large deal activity discrepancy, biotech funding actually topped digital health funding in 2015, as biotech firms raised over $6B, a multi-year high
(Cb Insights)


Vuoi farti assumere da una startup? Ecco 5 strumenti che fanno per te
Con le piattaforme di recruitment online candidarsi per una vacation non è mai stato così facile (Che Futuro)

Posted on 01 Feb 2016